Snake River Fishing Report

May 4th, 2016

Run off looks like its officially here. Spring finally came, and brought muddy water with it. I went and looked at the river at about 10am this morning, and again at 1:30. It is significantly higher and dirtier in just a matter of hours. It is safe to say it will only get worse from here on out. End of June into July is just around the corner, so hopefully we aren’t too far away from fishing the Snake. I have posted the links to the water levels, that should help you get a read on what this warm weather is doing to the snow melt.

This can be a great time to explore some of the smaller tributaries, and other area rivers, while the snake is blown out.  Below Jackson lake dam can be a good option, and 70 degree temps will help ice out our lakes.  Still plenty of places to fish. Summer is just around the corner we will be fishing dries on the Snake in no time.


Buffalo Fork:,00060,00010

Snake River at Moose:,00060,00010

Snake River Below Flat Creek:,00060,00010

Snake River Canyon Above Alpine:,00060,00010