Scattered Action on the Creeks

June 16th, 2012

The snow is almost gone, the water is almost clear, and with some off road tires and a good pair of hiking boots- creeks are fishing. Despite the fact that some of our main tributaries are still pretty murky, anyone willing to put in a little effort can find some good rising fish in the area. The major tributaries- the Pacific, Gros Ventre, Buffalo, and Hoback- are still trying to clear up, but any signs of good bug activity warrants a stop to string up the rod. Late yesterday afternoon I headed to a favorite little hole where a swarm of Caddis flies enticed small fish on slack water around an undercut bank. I tied on a size #14 Elk Hair Caddis and let my fly join the party. The less than clear water hardly seemed to affect the small cutthroat as they rose to my Caddis time after time. What I originally thought to be a muddy waste of gas and time turned into a beautiful  afternoon of fishing.

If you have the trout fever; if you spend each day waiting for your favorite river to slow down and clear up- strap up your boots, hike up to your favorite old stream, and look out for the bugs. Don’t let the early season get you down, the tributaries and creeks are offering some great fishing opportunities to the serious fisherman.