July 31, 2018

July 31st, 2018

Fishing continues to be wonderful out there in the greater Jackson Hole region. Come on by the shop to get all your fishing essentials and a few flies that might help land some fish. Remember, Flat Creek in the Elk Refuge opens tomorrow, August 1st! Be sure to get out there early if you’re planning on fishing Flat Creek, especially in the next couple of weeks. We’d love to help book your guided trip or help outfit you with whatever you need for your own fishing.

 Snake River: Fishing out there in the heart of Jackson Hole has been really fun lately. Lots of action is being seen on medium and large attractors and terrestrials. This is great news for those with eyes struggling to see the smaller flies. The dry flies of the day are…Yellowstone Chubby, Gold Chernobyl, and Stimulators. Long double nymph rigs have been working also, especially lower (in the Snake River Canyon) with Pat’s Rubber Legs, CDC Pheasant Tails, and Red Copper Johns.

South Fork of the Snake River: The South Fork has been the place to be for those willing to drive a little bit from Jackson Hole. Dry fly fishing has been very active, with shallower riffles fishing well using PMDs and other small mayflies, and larger attractors like Circus Peanuts, Pteronarcys Chernobyls, and various hoppers. Dry/dropper may be a good idea also, with 2-3 foot tippet between the dry (hopper) and your nymph. A few good selections if you’re going underwater might be Psycho Mayfly PMD, CDC Pheasant Tails and Lightning Bugs.

Jackson Hole Tributaries

Flat Creek: With the opener of the Flat Creek season tomorrow, we’re getting lots of folks asking about conditions, so here’s a little of what we know; flows are higher than normal, around 170 as of writing this report, and fishing might be tough out there. If you are planning on going out tomorrow morning, bring light tippet (6x) and some small dries.

Gros Ventre River: This easily accessible river might be a great option for those frustrated by an early morning on Flat Creek. Just a quick drive and a world away, the GV might provide some less technical fishing for a wade option.

Other smaller creeks and rivers: Flows on many of the areas tributaries are still well above average due to near record snowfall this past winter. This means that some of the cutthroat trout are still higher in the river system than most years. Many adventurous anglers are venturing into the high country to track down fish this summer. For more information on where to go and what to fish feel free to stop by the shop or give us a call. We’d be happy to help you plan your next trip.

Tight lines! Give us a call at 307-733-6483 or email us at info@westbank.com with any questions you might have!