July 24, 2017

July 24th, 2017

Snake (Jackson Hole): The Snake is continuing to clear despite last week’s hailstorm with flows most recently reading 2,750 CFS out of the dam, 5,560 CFS at Moose, and 9,080 CFS in the canyon. The river is not quite at mid summer conditions, but it is getting there, and fishing is improving every day. The fish have been holding over in the slower water, and we have heard reports of hoppers, chubbies, and other foam producing some quality fish. A trailing parachute adams or nymph dropper has also shown to work well on the Snake. Also, don’t be afraid to strip a dark colored streamer along the dike walls either. Within the next week, the Snake should lose its milky green color, and the fishing will really turn on.

South Fork of the Snake: Water levels have dropped on the South Fork, as flows have fallen to 12,200 CFS at Irwin and 13,400 CFS at Heise.  Along with diminishing water levels, the clarity of the river is improving daily.  While the river is still a bit off color, the fishing is starting to heat up, and within the next 5-10 days the South Fork is going to pop!  We have started to receive great reports back from our guides over on the Idaho side of the Snake, and conditions are looking more and more favorable by the day.  Needless to say, the excitement is starting to build here at the shop, as we are expecting a phenomenal fishing season well into the fall on the South Fork.  Due to the current water conditions on the South Fork, look to fish big stonefly nymphs, San Juan worms, and large flashy streamers to draw the attention of the large browns in the area.  PMD’s are starting to pop off as well on the South Fork, and while the water is not yet crystal clear, we have seen many trout starting to rise in the riffle sections.  Saddle up ladies and gentlemen, because the fishing is about to get wild!

Green River: The Green has been steadily dropping and is currently at 1,610 CFS, while the hatches of Drakes and Golden Stones have been prolific, fishing has been a little spotty. We have seen plenty of action on the surface and when you do come across a feeding fish, they will generally not hesitate to eat your fly.  Foam and streamers on the banks have been producing fish, don’t be afraid to give the fly a couple twitches to entice an exhilarating strike. While Drake and other Mayfly imitations have been the name of the game recently, we are starting to transition to hopper-dropper rigs. With all the snow left up in the Winds it is hard to predict what the water levels will do, a slow drop would not be surprising, allowing for a few more weeks of good fishing on the Green.