Fishing season is here!

June 21st, 2019

What a unique spring we have had!  It has been cool and wet, which prolonged the snow melt.  We actually have had quite a treat on the South Fork this spring, the flows have been manageable and on the low side compared to years past.  The fishing has been mainly sub-surface with nymphs and streamers, which has been very productive, but that is about to change!  Flows are at 11,800 as of yesterday and are expected to stay there for the next 7-10 days.  We are eagerly awaiting the bugs!  This year could be the Salmon Fly hatch for the record books.  With these lower flows and clear water, we are looking forward to a salmon fly hatch that should produce some quality fishing.  The water temperature is still cool in the mid 40 range, which is the big determining factor for when these big stoneflies hatch.  Be looking for this first big hatch of stoneflies to show up at the very end of June or first week of July.  Currently we are experiencing some of the best June fishing on the South Fork we have seen in…… a long time!!!!  Get out there and fish or give us a call to line up a guide.  Other rivers in the area just peaked in the last few days and we are seeing lower flows out of both Jackson and Palisades dams.  The dam – pacific stretch on the Snake is flowing at 3,000 cfs, which is a great level to fish.  Be looking for fish to rise to caddis, PMD’s  and small baetis.  Nymphing this stretch while the water is cooler is a very productive technique.

This season is shaping up to be a very memorable one.  Our reservoirs are 96% of capacity and above, which will provide us with cold, clean water throughout the season.  The Snake and it tributaries are shaping up nicely and the high mountain snow will slowly dwindle allowing the tribs to clear gradually, these small tribs look to be only a couple of week out and the Snake will closely follow, so if have not been out yet, we suggest getting out on the water, see what parts of your fishing kit needs some attention, and come by the shop for the most complete selection of flies around and the latest and greatest gear in the fly fishing world.  There are many great options for guided trips right now, give us a call or come by to schedule your time on the water.

Good Fishing!