Fishing is shaping up!

June 21st, 2015

Here we are in mid June and we have some great options for fishing in our valley.  The runoff is subsiding and several of the area tributaries are clear and fishing well.  The main stretches of the Snake are still just a bit off color and running a bit high, but people are out catching fish, as someone said today, “it is clearing up by the hour.”  The Snake River below Jackson Lake Dam has been very productive.  There is about a 6 mile stretch from the Dam to Pacific Creek that is clear and running at 2,400 cfs, this is a great level and our guides and clients have been having fun on this piece of water.  Yellowstone continues to provide great options, Yellowstone Lake has been superb and is showing why it is a world class fishery.   Other rivers in our area are giving us lots of grins and making clients happy.  There are many places you can get out on your own or hire one of our guides to show you something very special.  Certain rivers in the early season offer opportunities that are not present as the summer progresses, so if you are thinking of a guided trip, now is the time.  Come by the shop us to discuss conditions further or to fill up your fly box and get some tips on where you can find some fish.

Jim Brown