August 15, 2017

August 15th, 2017

Spring Creek Openings: 

Flat Creek: Those out for opening day this year found good fishing despite the crowds. Bugs began coming off as soon as the sun warmed things up enough, but fish took a little time to begin rising. Grey drakes, crane flies and mahoganies are out on the water along with a variety of other hatches. Imitations of these insects as well as terrestrials can be productive. From about 9-1pm has definitely been the most productive time, we have seen plenty of rising fish willing to take a carefully presented dry fly!

The Snake:

The Snake is looking good. Fish have been taking big foam along with smaller dries on all sections. Streamers have been effective in the slower, deeper pools and behind log jams. The fishing has been good for the majority of the day, with no particular time period standing out over another. Look to target the inside of riffles and drop-offs with dries and slower deeper banks and runs with streamers. Parachute Adams, Adam’s Wulf, Ausable Wulf, EZ caddis, E-C Caddis, small and big foam have all been working. But in general small dry flies have been the ticket. Streamers in white and Olive seem to lure the bigger fish, work the deeper water to find these bigger fish.

South Fork of the Snake:

The South Fork is improving every day. We are starting to see more and more dry fly action, especially in the evening. The fish have finally starting stacking up on the riffles. Small PMD dry fly patterns along with your standard nymph patterns (Pheasant Tails, Copper Johns, and Prince Nymphs) have been working well on the shallow riffles.