April Beauty

April 2nd, 2021

For those familiar with the fishing the Snake has to offer, this can be their favorite time of year – why? – The fishing can be spectacular!!!!!  And that has been the case for the past week or so.  With this nice weather, it should only get better.  This window before the snow really starts melting and sends us in to runoff season can be magical on the Snake.  We get a variety of insect hatches.  Currently there are loads of midges, BWO’s, the small black winter stonefly (technically Capnian Stoneflies), and we expect the see the Skwala Stoneflies make their appearance soon.  The river is low, so there is ample opportunities to wade fish in the river bottom, floating several stretches has been very productive as well.  The best time of the day to be on the river is during the warmest hours.  Fish have be found podded up sipping small flies, occasionally an aggressive trout may fall for a larger attractor pattern, but for the most part, the cutties will be a little more selective this time of year, focusing on the smaller bugs.  Nymphing has been good in the slower runs and pools, the actual nymph pattern that is most effective can vary, it’s all about finding the good holding water and putting the fly in front of their face.  Grab your rod, come by the shop to replenish your fly box, and get out there while we can before the snow melts and blows us out!!!!