June 2nd, 2017

June 2nd Update: 

South Fork of the Snake River: Flows on the South Fork were bumped up to 14,000 cfs, the water is starting to look better in terms of clarity, but expect the fishing to be off for a few days as the fish adjust to the new flows. We expect the South Fork to be pretty dynamic in the coming weeks with water clarity improving with each day as Palisades Resevoir fills. Nymphing stonefly patterns has been the method of choice.

Yellowstone National Park: For those looking for clear water and consistent fishing a drive to Yellowstone National Park to fish the Firehole River is a great option. This river is full of energetic fish willing to eat all types of caddis and mayflies. Also, the ice is off of Yellowstone Lake and the fishing has been great. This is a world class fishery that you have to experience to believe. We offer trips on Yellowstone lake, targeting huge Yellowstone Cutthroat and Lake Trout.

Henry’s Fork: With all of this snow melt affecting most of the rivers around the Jackson Hole area, the Henry’s Fork presents a great opportunity to fish some clear water. The salmon flies have started hatching and the bugs are moving upstream quickly. Nymphing big stone/salmon fly patters and big dry flies have both been effective, along with streamers in the big slow pools. We have been catching healthy numbers of fish all over the Henry’s fork, with the bugs moving upstream each day.

Snake River (Jackson Hole): Flows have broken the 20,000 cfs for the second time this spring on the Snake and with warm summertime temperatures it looks like it is only going higher. Jackson Lake Dam is schedule to be raised from 1400-cfs to 6000cfs by Monday 6/4. The Snake and it’s tributaries are very high and muddy and will continue to stay that way for quite some time. On the bright side, channels are being redirected, log jams and strainers are getting blown out and the river is getting a full make over. We are excited to see the changes once the river drops.