June 10th, 2017

Stillwater: With the Snake and its tributaries still high and muddy, our local lakes have been the ticket to catching fish. Jenny, Jackson, and Lewis Lakes are all great options this time of year. Streamers will produce fish all day long worked at the right depth, and the surface action has begun to heat up. Look for the flying ants on Jenny Lake throughout the month of June! Patterns: Beldar Bugger #4, Jake’s CDC Squirrel Leech Black/Olive #6, Pops Bugger Olive/Black #6, Black Flying Ants.

Yellowstone: Clear water and good fishing can also be found on the Firehole and Gibbon rivers in YNP. There can be some great dry fly fishing for smaller browns and rainbows with all sorts of small caddis and mayfly patterns. Try swinging soft-hackle nymphs or even throwing small streamers if there is no surface action. Patterns: Spectre Soft Hackle #14-18, Beadhead Copper Bob Softie #14, X-Caddis #16, Assorted PMDs #16.

Snake River (Jackson Hole): Water managers have speculated that the Snake River peaked on June 8th just below 31000 cfs! Although this is still open for debate we are hoping to watch the Snake continue to drop and we are excited to see the changes in the river. With a cold spell for the next few days look for some tributaries to drop and clear enough to produce some fish.

South Fork of the Snake River: Flows out of Palisades Reservoir are up to 22,000 cfs taking the South Fork out of the picture as far as fishing is concerned. The reservoir is sitting at 76% full and with the amount of water rushing in we expect flows to stay high for the foreseeable future.