May 8th, 2017


Snake River (Jackson Hole) and it’s Tributaries: Spring is finally here, bringing with it warm temperatures and high water. The Snake River and it’s tributaries are blown out from Pacific Creek all the way to Palisades Reservoir, the only remaining clear water is the 5 mile stretch from Jackson Lake Dam to Pacific Creek Landing. With 5 days in a row of 70 degree temperatures, the Snake has turned to chocolate milk and is about as high as our peak run-off was in the summer of 2016. Good news is that the ice is off of Jackson Lake and Jenny Lake, meaning that there are still options out there to go fish. With Yellowstone opening on Memorial day there should be a few more options in the next few weeks. For now the Henry’s Fork is the only game in town.

South Fork of the Snake River: The South Fork is running at 18,000 cfs and is blown out due to low levels in Palisades Reservoir and dirty tributaries now swollen with snow melt from the hot weather.



Check out the graph’s below to see how fast the river is rising! Credit: RiverWatcher App

                                                                                       Snake River at Moose

                                                                            Snake River at South Park (Flat Creek)

                                                                                          Snake River at Alpine