July 4th, 2018

It’s a beautiful 4th of July here in Jackson Hole, and the fish are just as excited as we are. There is epic fishing to be found on the South Fork of the Snake River as a hot nymph bite is being paired with an exciting Salmonfly hatch. While the South Fork is great, there is zero excuse to sleep on the Green River. The water has become noticeably clearer and the fish are still keyed into various nymphs, rubber legs, and worms. In our back yard, the Snake River has been shaping up nicely. The water has turned from brown to a slightly tainted green, and we are on the verge of a completely fish-able river.

South Fork of the Snake River:

Flows dropped drastically just last night from an average of 14,100 cfs to 12, 500 cfs at Palisades Dam, and we are hoping for better consistency going forward. Trips going out on the South Fork have reported back high numbers of Rainbow trout, Cutthroat, and Whitefish being caught, with some really nice Brown trout in the mix. Fish can consistently be found on gravel bar drop offs, banks, and behind obstructions. The deep nymphs such as bead-headed flashback Pheasant Tail and the Pat’s rubber legs have proven to be the bread, and Salmonflies the butter on top for now.

Green River: 

Flows on the Green River have leveled out for now at 1200 cfs at Warren Bridge, and though the water is still tainted it is clearing up well. As it does become clear the San Juan worm bite will phase out, but the fishing will only get better. Fish are still hanging out on the banks as well as medium speed pockets and seams. Don’t be afraid to tie on a heavy nymph to get down deep, with a trailing nymph or rubber legs for the best luck. The Grey Drake hatch is going off on some stretches, so don’t forget a handful of imitations to cast at rising fish in slower water.

Snake River:

We have been sending out guided trips all the way from the Jackson Lake Dam down to Deadman’s Bar, and it wont be long before the tributaries of the Snake River such as Pacific Creek, Buffalo Fork, and the Gros Ventre clear up and give the Snake some visibility. Fish can be caught on flashy nymphs and dry flies such as the Parachute Adams and Chubby Chernobyl. Below Deadman’s Bar, the best thing to do is throw flashy medium sized streamers or a hopper-dropper rig close to the banks. It shouldn’t be more than another week before the Snake River is in full swing!