Jackson Hole Tributaries Report

Jackson Hole Tributaries:  Pacific Creek, the Buffalo, Gros Ventre, and Hoback Rivers

Rainbow Trout Fishing Jackson Hole Tributaries

Jackson Hole Tribs

The Snake is fed by several tributaries that are much smaller and more wade fishing friendly than the main Snake River. All the tributaries provide great fishing opportunities and allows the angler to get out in the Forest on their own and enjoy the great scenery and peace and quiet of our valley has to offer.

Some of the best fishing in the Jackson Hole valley is in the smaller creeks and rivers that feed the Snake River. The public access is virtually unlimited.

Pacific Creek, the Buffalo, Gros Ventre, and Hoback Rivers are the main tributaries to the Snake. Fishing any of these creeks with medium sized (#8-#16) attractor patterns will get the fish’s attention.


Gros Ventre Water Levels

June 10th, 2017

Stillwater: With the Snake and its tributaries still high and muddy, our local lakes have been the ticket to catching fish. Jenny, Jackson, and Lewis Lakes are all great options this time of year. Streamers will produce fish all day long worked at the right depth, and the surface action has begun to heat up. Look for the flying ants on Jenny Lake...... read more

June 2nd, 2017

June 2nd Update:  South Fork of the Snake River: Flows on the South Fork were bumped up to 14,000 cfs, the water is starting to look better in terms of clarity, but expect the fishing to be off for a few days as the fish adjust to the new flows. We expect the South Fork to be pretty dynamic in the coming weeks with water clarity improving with...... read more

May 8th, 2017

  Snake River (Jackson Hole) and it's Tributaries: Spring is finally here, bringing with it warm temperatures and high water. The Snake River and it's tributaries are blown out from Pacific Creek all the way to Palisades Reservoir, the only remaining clear water is the 5 mile stretch from Jackson Lake Dam to Pacific Creek Landing. With 5...... read more

August 28th, 2016

Our favorite time of the year is here at Westbank Anglers, the end of August and September offer some of the best dry fly fishing of the year. The fishing on the Snake has been GREAT and is just getting better. The dry fly fishing has been stellar all day long, with first time beginners boating dozens of fish. The mornings have started out nice...... read more

July 31st, 2016

The Snake River here in the Jackson Hole Valley is in prime summer form, the water levels have dropped and the fishing is great. The fish are looking up for dry flies and are aggressively chasing streamers. While fishing the banks has been a successful  tactic, throwing small foam patterns and dry flies in the riffles has without a doubt produced...... read more

June 1st, 2016

Memorial Day weekend turned out to be a good one. Plenty of nice weather, and a lot of good fishing for Yellowstone’s opening weekend. Some of our guides headed up to Yellowstone to fish the lakes, and the Firehole River opening day. We had great reports from both water systems.  The Firehole was a little late with bugs hatching due to the cold...... read more

May 4th, 2016

Run off looks like its officially here. Spring finally came, and brought muddy water with it. I went and looked at the river at about 10am this morning, and again at 1:30. It is significantly higher and dirtier in just a matter of hours. It is safe to say it will only get worse from here on out. End of June into July is just around the corner, so...... read more

April 20th, 2016

Happy Hump day! I hope people are getting ready for some warm April weather this week. We have predicted temperatures climbing into the mid 60s on Friday. Fishing on the Snake could be good now that our recent colder weather has cleared up the water on Snake for the time being.  This weekend looks like it might cool down as well. The Snake,...... read more

April 5th, 2016

April 5, 2016 It must be spring! Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is closed, and that means the Bakers dozen has started.  It is going to feel like spring out there this week with Warm temps in the forecast, and a nice break from wet weather Thursday and Friday. Fishing was pretty decent this weekend, the wind made it a little challenging at...... read more

March 29th, 2016

April is right around the corner, and it looks like we will have some spring like temps this weekend. Fishing has been good on the warmer days, and will only get better from now until run off starts. Lots of midges out there, and I have even heard rumors or Skwalas on the water. Although I would think it would need to warm up a little more before...... read more

March 15th, 2016

March 15, 2016 After a warm end to February, and an even warmer start to March, winter has returned with snow and cold weather this week. Fishing was good there for a bit, but as Mother Nature brings winter back, things might slow down on the fishing side. It is March however, and with March comes warm afternoons, and good pre run off fishing....... read more

June 21st, 2015

Here we are in mid June and we have some great options for fishing in our valley.  The runoff is subsiding and several of the area tributaries are clear and fishing well.  The main stretches of the Snake are still just a bit off color and running a bit high, but people are out catching fish, as someone said today, "it is clearing up by the...... read more

May 29th, 2015

Jackson Hole Fishing Report 5/26   The Snake's run off is well on its way with flows being measured at 6930 cfs in Moose this afternoon.  If the weekend forecast holds true flows should increase even more as warmer temperatures will speed up the snow melt process. There are still fishing options in the area. The South Fork of the...... read more


June 4th, 2014

The runoff in the Upper Snake River Basin is in full force.  After seeing peaks in the Snake River canyon of over 22,000 cfs, on May 31st,  flows have subsided to just around 18,000 cfs as of today.   The flows coming into Jackson Lake at Flagg Ranch reached over 10,000 cfs, which is HUGE for this area, and are now in the 6,000 range....... read more

June 16th, 2012

The snow is almost gone, the water is almost clear, and with some off road tires and a good pair of hiking boots- creeks are fishing. Despite the fact that some of our main tributaries are still pretty murky, anyone willing to put in a little effort can find some good rising fish in the area. The major tributaries- the Pacific, Gros Ventre,...... read more

January 5th, 2012

The tributaries feeding the Snake River are closed from November 30 - April 1st with the exception of the Hoback River, which is open year round, special creel limits apply and it is catch and release on all Cutthroat Trout.... read more


July 30th, 2011

Flat Creek opens on Monday!!! I know there are lots of excited people, it should be a busy morning. We are open all weekend, so stop by and get your crickets, little hoppers, ants, beetles and various spring creek dry flies. ... read more


July 13th, 2011

Although the Gros Ventre river remains high and muddy, look to the lakes for a great source of fishing activity in the Jackson Hole area. Jenny Lake has been fishing very well along with other high mountain lakes. Jenny Lake, String Lake, and Leigh Lake are all good possibilities for catching fish. We have been having great success with...... read more


June 27th, 2011

Flat Creek opens August 1st! Stay tuned for more on opening day! ... read more


July 28th, 2010

As we’ve mentioned on the radio, the hoback is an excellent place to check out after work. The highway offers a plethora of great access to the river, and the drive is not too far from town. In the evening, the primary hatch you will usually see is caddis. Bring a couple shades and a couple sizes of maybe 14 and 16 of your favorite pattern. The...... read more